Sound World… The Story

Established in December 1974 and on line since 1995, Sound World became Newcastle’s most successful independent record store business. Within several months of opening its first Sound World, it commenced a second retail store. By 1981, Sound World had acquired its third store, this time in one of Newcastle’s largest retail complexes.During the mid 80’s and up into the 90’s, Sound World expanded its retail stores further into the Newcastle region culminating with the opening of it’s Mega Store in the heart of the Newcastle Central Business District.Sound World was founded by Spero Davias, primarily as a record retail music store and secondly as an extension to Spero’s electronic workshops who amongst other ventures, designed and built valve type amplifiers for various venues and bands throughout Australia.

spero-amp.jpgMusos at the time and even now, still talk about the rich sounds that the valve amplifier produced.
Today, Sound World is focusing its resources within the exciting world of technology

See the story Here…


By Spero Davias     10/11/2018


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